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PIB monthly compilation download important articles

PIB monthly compilations of PIB releases and features.We will give you the most important articles to be read from PIB. Aspirants spend too much time navigating through PIB and even miss the news to be followed. We will update this section everyday,weekly,monthly. The compilations will help you segregate the topics according to General Studies Papers-Mains.

Importance of PIB
  •  Programmes and Policy initiatives/updates of Government on daily basis- If you miss in newspapers.
  • Features: Selective articles on important personalities and their contribution. Also, you will find important historical accounts.
  • Since it is released by the government, adds authenticity to the facts and figures. 
  • Moreover,Its very important for PSC,UPSC and official exams
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PIB Monthly,Yojana,Kurukshetra,Editorials,Hindu Monthly Notes & much more included in single package.

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