How to stop device registration message after every switch ON or SIM insertion[Tablet or Smartphone]

Posted by Albin Thomas
Hi Expert readers,Here we are providing solution for a problem we all might experiences several time asked by our users to share.By default phones are set to send device information to manufacture when SIM changed or reboot.Its not useful to us and SMS is chargeable up to Rs.3/- .So its high time we have to stop auto messaging by device on every reboot or Subscriber Identity Module change. This actually to track your phone by manufacture as Each mobile should associate single number(2 in the case of dual sim). Hope you heard about IMEI- International Mobile Equipment Identity is unique & mobile numbers are associated with it to Track lost phone,Tracking by cyber cell & more..Even though we feel this SMS charges as loss it has some use in severe cases.Any way if you badly need to remove this Follow steps below.
                           So many users tried even factory reset to remove this and failed.Even if SIM is not changed MICROMAX CANVAS series will send this badly..Samsung & others at SIM change as per my experience..So we got request by our users to share HOW TO STOP DEVICE REGISTRATION MESSAGES?

How to STOP device from sending further Registration Messages ?

First way Rooted phones


2. File explorer APP with root access like ES ,Androzip ...Etc
3.Your interest :-p


So lets start the tutorial to stop sending Device messages which deducts balance on every reboot.Just follow the following steps.

Install Root explorer from playstore
Nb: We recommend ES root explorer

Open the app & it will asks for root permission 

press the menu button situated left to home button below the screen

click on tools > Then choose  root explorer >click on mount r/w >

Now you will see pop up as following

here set system to " rw " instead of " ro " as shown in screen shot above

after doing this you go to 

device > system folder > app folder > 

Here delete the Device registration.apk

Here is an example of Micromax registration apk below


Just hit delete To complete process; Better to keep a backup If you needs in future.

For un rooted phones

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