TrueBalance app-Fraud app with fake offers [proofs and screenshots added]

Posted by Albin Thomas
Hi Expert readers,Recently we got a mail for a paid review for True balance app which is being promoted by several websites for referral credits.So as usual we started verifying it before reviewing..And it failed in both First & second steps of verification. we are again forced to write an article like this,since we cant write paid reviews for Fooling our users.As we all know for long time we were not sharing articles like this.Till now we have revealed around 15 frauds and most of them rectified it & remaining ended up.We are always with you and we never co-operate with these guys after realizing fraudulence..

 For Long we had reviewed several such fraud apps and They all accepted their fault and changed T&C in next update; But This app is yet continuing Its fraud; not willing to change their loot and asking us to remove this article..So lets join hands together to move legally ;We are gathering people got cheated by these guys of similar interest..mail us to stop frauds..

  Update: Thanks for support;Got lots of mails regarding the same.

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If you had ever faced or experienced an online cheating then feel free to mail us at Care@expertalby.com
Now come to the point How to realize cheating of fraud & fake guys.Here is a full review of an app in playstore..Good for nothing buy promoted by paying for review in several websites.

 As you all knows our 6 layers of verification which can be used to identify fraudulent actions..Here for the first time an app failed completely in 3rd step as we can't proceed to further


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Why fraud?

We are not just simply saying its fraud but revealing the fraud from all aspects.
Just go through the steps of identification carefully and finalize the decision.


check out the reviews in playstore

 Just see the pattern of review..Its just sharing their referral code..No experience or legit review.from the screenshot "If you use this ID (xxx),then you will get 20 instantly.otherwise you wont get any money first time..." is just copy pasted the referral message from app.Its just for getting referral credits with out trying app.

Not only that Check the 1* reviews.Those are long with clear reasons why they give 1*..This are the real reviews from the heart after the worst experience from app..

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If you ignore these proceed to step -2 ie,installing app


Check out the permissions needed for the app

These permissions are not needed for an app like these.read carefully

Its not legal to fetch other accounts than the 1 we approved access.If you have multiple Email accounts they can access profile datas..It becomes severe if you have accounts like mobile banking;this becomes severe.
The later is reading all contacts means they could fetch,store or sell our contacts for any purpose that may be legal or illegal. This like spy work..They need permission to read mobile numbers .They can manipulate these and even Sell these datas.

This is much more severe in later step;They need access to use our accounts within phone and together reading sms will lead severe losses to users.They have access to read credit/debit cards and reading messages from bank gives permission to withdraw amounts or much more severe.
Rerouting outgoing calls includes much more complexity over our imaginations.They call track calls /record/even hold over their routes.An app like above never ask this permissions

This is yet another fraud permission to access protected data and modify ;even delete data..This is severe breach of our privacy and an app never supposed to do this at the rate of free recharge

Next step is valid only if you Accept these and installed in your device.


what you gets from the app

First time ever in my experience an app failed absolutely as we cant proceed to register.It needs device admin access before registering an account.
 refer to the screenshots below and decide your self whether its legit?

Above shows the first page of accepting terms and conditions and proceeding is a usual fact.By Hitting next you accepted all terms.

Next step they asks to turn ON..This seems simple just turn ON which is off by default.This service is not simple access as they says;Refer to next sreenshot of its consequence below

By turning it all the true balance app is getting all device access to read all of the text you type(You can't even imagine the consequences);This includes data which we thinks safe like Banking data,credit card numbers,ATM data,Interaction with phone which is extremely sensitive.
Last week this app has extended service from 4 states in india to 24 states;They tried their formula in small area and now widens their area..This is high time to realize and get away from this

Final words

As a person with common sense we cant hit OK for just Rs.10 recharge.The other and only way to earn is REFER & EARN which infact you are trapping your friends too for just Rs.10;These sensitive datas that they collected will give them Huge profit and income in later.
First time ever i stopped verification without registering as it needs service admin access to register at the rate of Rs.10 free recharge..By turning it all the true balance app is getting all device access to read all of the text you type(You can't even imagine the consequences);This includes data which we thinks safe like Banking data,credit card numbers,ATM data,Interaction with phone which is extremely sensitive.I don't think you guys are fools to give this access for recharge.If you wants is only free recharge then see this TOP 25 free recharge apps with verified tricks and proof.


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  1. Rama RamamoorthyFriday, 22 April, 2016

    Great one expert alby..I too had cheated by this frauds and rated 1*
    Their fake costomer care never replays.
    Thanks for this article.

  2. Sana fransis paulFriday, 22 April, 2016

    Loved it..I too removed article about this apps from my website..
    Till now i too git nothing from these frauds

  3. Yes you are right.
    Till now i just look at number of 5* reviews only..This review made me think wisely

    1. its so nice to hear that we have influence in your decision making

    2. Sure,Im a daily visitor & thanks for considering my feedback

  4. yazher muhammedFriday, 22 April, 2016

    Thanks a ton ya..I hadn't yet installed it & i wont..
    You gave me sence to choose genuine / realise fraud from playstore itself

    1. Now a days apps with free recharge banner are increasing day by day.
      So we should be much more vigilant.

  5. Adorable to hear that you refused payment & dare enough to stay with users..
    I really adore you..
    Im also a blogger but looed only referral credits..Now I know there are much more thinks to care..
    You are my role model

  6. Sreeraj S peruvaFriday, 22 April, 2016

    Im a daily visitor and its worth ..
    Good job ..I too fall in this trap..kept this expecting luck..Uninstalling the cramp....I lOVE U

  7. Great to see this..
    I wish to sponsor this article as a token of appreciation for your courage and considering more importance to users..
    How can i contact you officially?

  8. I adore you sir..
    A blog should always stay with visitors than sponsors..
    I hadn't yet heard about this app;But sure I will newer install it

  9. I installed it previously and gave permission to get recharge and Those frauds didn't payed me bonus or Loan as mentioned in promotions..Really they are f**king frauds..
    Sure,I won't fall in that trap if you shared this earlier..
    Thanks a ton as this prevents further ..

  10. abhilash krishna kumarWednesday, 27 April, 2016

    Now a days referral is the most cheap way to promote any fraud apps..
    Just offers Rs.5 or similar and there are lot of websites to bait..
    I was really irritated with these frauds & My hearty congratulations to stay unique and genuine to core..
    I will be regular visitor now onwards

  11. Excellent article..
    I too uninstalled the fraud app and given a 1* review

  12. kunal anzi rahmanWednesday, 04 May, 2016

    Great admin..
    I astonished about the foolishness of people..
    Just an app to show your balance gives Rs.10 signup nad 10 referel..
    To understand the trap it needs Brain of a kid..

  13. Please legally against this app admin..
    Stop these frauds.
    I will be with you

  14. anusree augustineWednesday, 04 May, 2016

    Great post sir,You made to think again while installing apps..
    This category is filled with frauds..
    Free recharge is perfect bait now a days.

  15. Really painful to see These much people got trapped by these app..
    I didnt heard about this app but clearly understood the fraudulence..
    So what about people got cheated.

  16. abhilash ramamoorthyWednesday, 04 May, 2016

    I love you admin..
    I too stopped at the step of providing accesibility..
    Its 200% frauds;No doubt for it..
    Article in these like popular website will see more people and aware

  17. I saw 3K+ 1* review and 1K+ 28 review with same reasons mentioned here..
    Good job ; you saved even me..
    God bless you

  18. Now a days no one is willing to share like this..
    Most are running for Rs.10 referral bonus and begging to install.
    Do they think Rs.10 earned by loosing privacy and security makes them rich???

  19. Please Dont remove this article..
    You are my last hope to move legally;I will support you

  20. abhishek mishraFriday, 03 June, 2016

    I will be with you sir..Sure;
    I have some proofs of cheating after steps mentioned here.

  21. Im regular visitor and Had seen Changed apps because of review..
    These are GREAT SIR; If any problem with this Frauds I will be a vitness

  22. Sir ; Please suit a file;
    Lets move legally ,I will be there;
    I know this is true and experienced

  23. abhilash N kumaranFriday, 03 June, 2016

    Great work sir;
    I appreciate your extra bone to stand against these frauds..
    Do they think that all are fools to keep this fraud app..
    I will be with your side

  24. diana elias paulFriday, 03 June, 2016

    SUperb yaar;
    I dont think these frauds can threaten you with Their side;
    I know your potential 7 will stay together..
    I respect your Public motive

  25. I will be with you;I too have proofs

  26. Hameera GouthamFriday, 03 June, 2016

    Dont leave;Stay to get them rectified or removed..
    I too got same experience;

  27. Hannan markoseFriday, 03 June, 2016

    I had once opened app;It just shows balance..
    Whashould we keep an app to show balance with accesibility permission..
    I shared similar article in my website ;But didnt got views..
    You guys have great exposure;Please dont remove this

  28. Abeesa rahmathFriday, 03 June, 2016

    there is no need for an application to be a device admin for giving away recharges. Always double check the applications that are seeking for this permission;
    Uninstalled cramb;
    Thank you for sharing

  29. karthik malhothraFriday, 03 June, 2016

    Im With you..
    Go head;You are doing great

  30. Abeesa rahmathFriday, 10 June, 2016

    Is app fraud he..
    Thanks for sharing

  31. Great sir;
    Its my pleasure to see this..
    I had requested in many sites to reveal these frauds..But they all focused on Rs.10 referral than users..
    Long live,You are my role model

  32. good move admin;
    I have similar experience and i will surely support

  33. yeah,i last found a website with user caring..
    its my happiness to comment against fraud true balance..
    i already written 1* review & mailed them..they are really frauds

  34. Sir I want come in your what's app broadcast. What I do? Please tell me.


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