Skrilo fraud app with fake offers full review [Proofs and screenshots]

Posted by Albin Thomas
Hi Expert readers,As we all know for long time we were not sharing articles like this.Till now we have revealed around 15 frauds and most of them rectified it & remaining ended up.Now we are forced to reveal yet another one due to Overwhelming requests from our users and visitors.We are always with you and we never co-operate with these guys after realizing fraudulence..
If you had ever faced or experienced an online cheating then feel free to mail us at Care@expertalby.com
Now come to the point How to realize cheating of fraud & fake guys.Here is a full review of an app in playstore..Good for nothing buy promoted by paying for review in several websites.

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Why fraud?

We are not just simply saying its fraud but revealing the fraud from all aspects.
Just go through the steps of identification carefully and finalize the decision.


check out the reviews in playstore

fraud payed reviews in playstore.Find frauds step-1

 Just see the pattern of review..Its just sharing their referral code..No experience or legit review.from the sreenshot "Just use the working referral code(xxxx) while registering.." is just copy pasted the referral message from app.Its just for getting referral credits with out trying app.

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Not only that Check the 1* reviews.Those are long with clear reasons why they give 1*..This are the real reviews from the heart after the worst experience from app.


1.Best Study materials for IAS/IPS exams


3.MCent first on net Rs.100 sign up bonus loot trick

4.unlimited paytm,mobikwik,freecharge wallet scripts-Giveaways and premium membership 

5.Get Google Adsense approval in 2 Days

6. TOP Genuine APPS giving PAytm CAsh

If you ignore these proceed to step -2 ie,installing app


Check out the permissions needed for the app

These permissions are not needed for an app like these.read carefully
fraud app proof 1 steps realise fake app from reviews

Its not legal to fetch other accounts than the 1 we approved access.If you have multiple Email accounts they can access profile datas..It becomes severe if you have accounts like mobile banking;this becomes severe.
playstore permissions beware of

What is the need of reading protected data & modifying it for just app which shows advertisements? Delete contents of SD card is very severe.
skrilo app fake proof permissions

Third one is like spy work..They need permission to read mobile numbers of calls & remote users.They can manipulate these and even Sell these datas.

Next step is valid if you Accept these and installed in your device.


what you gets from the app

You will reach this step only if you skipped the both threats above.If you are ignoring above ; its just for the paytm voucher offered.Now lets see what you earns ultimately.

What the app is intend for is viewing advertisements and Invite your friends to see this advertisements.The theme is not bad since so many great apps are there in this category which pays you well.
But the concept of earning is worst ever in internet.

As in the screenshot above you see adds and register chances.As per the comment from their provider Each chance let us to enter in lucky draw.That draw is fraud as they never publish list of winners or leader board.
If you select to sace coupons it will be as above.From the screenshot above No coupons will be there.Its simply their referral link to snapdeal to get commision of our purchase & pays us 0% from their earning..

Infact they never pays a single rupee to users.But offers chance for Rs.50 paytm cash..Actually you earn nothing at the end of the day.No leader board or any tracking method for our earning or chance what you can see is just as below.

as in screenshot there is no staus of our prize or points more needed to win.Its nothing other than fooling people.



Many apps which are not paying for completing offers pays correctly for refer.So we cant call them fraud fully since they value partners.This is the referral offer below.After referring what you earns is shown below.

Infact it gives Rs.0.00 for refer and 0.00 for viewing their advertisements.


What is the chances they provides?

They never shows leader board or details of winners or anything related to redemption.YOU DON'T HAVE ASSURANCE OF WINNING. & you never gets anything.
They says these chances allows as to enter their fake lucky draw.
What actually behind this app is like baiting fishes.They offers huge reward for viewing advertisements & fraudulently says you dont win better luck next time.Whatever be the points.After getting 350 chances in a day and got nothing
350 chances =70 refer and got nothing.

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Its better to stay away as there are similar apps which pays Rs.5-40 for ewach refer and upto Rs.2 per add views..So why should we waste time for giving them proffit at our cost.

If you faced any apps/websites like these and lacks a flatform to share your feelings..Then feel free to mail us with proofs.We will do it for you..

Don't be selfish..share with friends..Sharing is caring..


  1. soumya santhoshFriday, 25 March, 2016

    Great one expert alby..I too had cheated by this frauds and rated 1*
    Their fake costomer care never replays.
    Thanks for this article.

  2. amrutha mary alexFriday, 25 March, 2016

    Superb ever..I hadn't yet seen a website which values users these much..
    I adore you ..I want to join with you

    1. Our pleasure..Use contact page for further details

  3. Anoop M mithranFriday, 25 March, 2016

    I too faced cheating like this..Thanks for sharing this to prevent further.
    Good job.God bless you

  4. I had earned 150 chances a day and Got nothing..
    I installed this app by seeing paid reviews about this app..
    You are great to show their real face

    1. we got several request & complaints regarding this..So I verified and confirmed..
      Be sure to check these steps for further app installs of these category.

  5. Yes you are right.
    Till now i just look at number of 5* reviews only..This review made me think wisely

    1. Number of reviews may not give clear idea.
      Read what they actually said.

  6. I hadn't yet installed & i wont..
    You gave me sence to choose genuine / realise fraud from playstore itself

  7. Anzar raheem MuhammedFriday, 25 March, 2016

    Thanks for considering my request & sharing this.
    You revealed all traps than what i mentioned..I lOVE U

    1. We consider all feedbacks seriously..
      Your satisfaction is our motto

    2. Anzar raheem MuhammedFriday, 25 March, 2016

      Thanks for immediate reply valuing my feedback

    3. See I had got prize of RS 50 in prize now it was not transfer it was gone to rating page instead of AMT transfer

  8. abhishek mishraFriday, 25 March, 2016

    Im a daily visitor and its worth ..
    Good job ..I too fall in this trap..kept this expecting luck..Uninstalling the cramp..

  9. Rivera InfotechFriday, 25 March, 2016

    I want to sponsor this article..I liked your attitude & wants a partnership
    Can i use Care@expertalby.com for the same.

    1. Alternatively feel free to use Admin@expertalby.com or Advertise@expertalby.com

  10. Thanks sir.. I have some other apps like this..I have proofs ..But lacks platform to share
    Can you help me please?

    1. Sure..Your satisfaction is our motto

  11. Sana fransis paulFriday, 25 March, 2016

    I published an article in my website for referral credits..
    As soon i see this i removed it and uninstalled app too

    1. Beyond referral ;value your visitors who are the back bone

    2. Sana fransis paulFriday, 25 March, 2016

      You are my role model..I adore you

  12. Sreeraj S peruvaSunday, 27 March, 2016

    Loved it..I too removed article about this apps from my website..
    Till now i too git nothing from these frauds

  13. Abeesa rahmathFriday, 08 July, 2016

    I too rated 1* since there is no option for 0*..

    tHANKS FOR THE REVIEW,many people will escape from their trap
    Keep doing good job

  14. Can you suggest what is the best rewarding or paying app? I've just installed skirlo app but after watching lots of ads nothing won so I searched about this on internet and saw your article.

  15. Can you suggest what is the best rewarding or paying app? I've just installed skirlo app but after watching lots of ads nothing won so I searched about this on internet and saw your article.


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