Gmail Dot & plus Trick-Get Unlimited Gmail Id’s From one Gmail Account[verified]

Posted by Albin Thomas
Gmail DOT Trick : Great Amazing TrickHi Expert readers,So many request are getting to reveal the Email Dot trick which most of the people doesn't know..You can also request new articles here.Today I will reveal the full trick here and will also explain how the gmail dot trick works. This trick is very Useful for those people, who create accounts on different sites..Or multiple accounts in same website for some offers.With this trick we can use same account ;verify it as different accounts.So by this trick we can make unlimited different accounts on a websites with only one Gmail ID and you’ll get all the notifications, messages and updates to the same account only whichever the account is. This is not an illegal trick so don’t be afraid to try this trick.This is working finely with BigRock, GoDaddy and almost all other websites which are not much popular or websites which have poor or lazy developers!

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 What Is The GMail Dot Trick?

GMail Dot trick is a very easy trick to create unlimited accounts on a website with only one gmail account. You don’t have to create any other gmail account and you can verify your account with that gmail account only.

Requirements Before Using This Trick

  • Gmail Account, I think you have already one, If you don’t have then you can create one from here – Gmail Sign up
  • If you have big Gmail Address, then it will be better, like EA@gmail.com vs expertalby@gmail.com , in both Gmail Id’s expertalby@gmail.com will be better for use Gmail DOT Trick. I will tell you reason in below Steps.

How Does GMail Dot Trick Works?

Many websites usually ignore the . (dot) in emails and thus we can create unlimited accounts on a particular website with only one gmail IDs.

How Is GMail Dot Trick Useful?

Many websites like BigRock launches new offers to get domains and other things for free, but only with one account. And to create more accounts on that website, we will need to create more GMail/Yahoo IDs. To make this process easy, you can have only one email and thus it leads to saving of time.

How To Use The Amazing GMail Dot Trick

  • Hunt the website where you need to create two or more accounts with one gmail ID.
  • Sign up for a new account on that website with your GMail ID.
  • Now to create second GMail ID, just add a . (DOT) in between the email ID.
    For example if your id is youremail@gmail.com, make it your.email@gmail.com.
  • You can see that we added a ‘dot’ in between your and email. This dot can be added anywhere in between the email like you.remail@gmail.com, y.ouremail@gmail.com, yourem.ail@gmail.com.
  • Now if that account will send you a verification code for your your.email@gmail.com ID, you’ll receive in your youremail@gmail.com ID only at GMail!
You will get logged in to example@gmail.com If you use
email as : E.xampl.e@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : Ex.amp.le@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : Exa.mple@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : Ex.am.ple@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : E.xamp.le@gmail.com
password : abcd
and so on..
That means gmail does not count periods (.). So isn't its Great …

Track/Block spammers

When signing up for some website, say thatwebsite.com, you can add thatwebsite to your Gmail user ID (eg. GeorgeBush+thatwebsite@gmail.com). This way you can block your subscription whenever you want and even identify those websites that distribute your email address to spammers.

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Google mail [+] plus trick

  • This is yet another Gmail tip which will benefit you greatly , Its also similar to the GMail dot trick but instead we append + sign at the back of our GMail ID, with some letter or word at the end.
  • So, for example if the original gmail id is xyz@gmail.com , Sending an email to or requesting an E-Mail on all of the below combinations will send the e-mail on xyz@gmail.com 😛
    xyz+1@gmail.com = xyz@gmail.com
    xyz+2@gmail.com = xyz@gmail.com
    xyz+999@gmail.com = xyz@gmail.com
    xyz+anywordcancomehere@gmail.com = xyz@gmail.com
  • Thus ,  In Gmail plus (+) trick the E-mail id too will appear as different and unique to other websites requiring sign-up but in the end the Gmail id or account used is again one!

 Using @googlemail.com instead of @gmail.com

  • You can also substitute @gmail.com at the end of the G-Mail id with @googlemail.comThe E-Mail will still be sent to your original ID!
  • Googlemail.com is the official gmail domain name for UK and Germany users, so you ca even use xyz@googlemail.com to create a new account on a particular website if xyz@gmail.com is used.
  • Thus, long story short –
  • x.y.z@gmail.com = xyz@gmail.com
    x.yz+123@gmail.com = xyz@gmail.com

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  1. can only one gmail can be used to make multipal fb acounts

    1. Fb had already fixed this bug.Still its valid for websites with lazy developers as mentioned above.


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